The Illtip Magazine #20 1997 : 20-2-Life Mia X Cover

The Illtip Magazine is mostly Bay Area related but the content was very entertaining in this issue. Some things interesting, others dumb or funny. First Rappin 4-Tay has an ad where he is boxing in a gym and it says “Gettin’ Ready For Tha…97”, boxing in jeans? Lez Mone ad with her sitting on a toilet with a bunch of toilet paper everywhere “Still Talking Shit”? lol. Lighter Shade of Brown saying “Back in the 9 Sizzle” forgot about that one. Guce in a cool ad for Clear and Present Danger. Nice 1 page Q&A for the Alkaholiks and another for 3X Krazy with a young Keak Da Sneak. Advertisement for Graphic Design by ( I checked it out, the domain is open now) They did some of the early E-40 and the Click album covers.

Magazine Rating: 5.5/10

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