The Source Magazine #229 : JD & Bow Wow Cover

Ok, so here is my first magazine cover review of one that I must “hate” on. Where to begin? First off, you know The Source was going through a rough time with Benzino and his gang when they advertise on the cover “Under New Ownership”. Second, I don’t believe rap music has even seen a low enough time that it would justify putting these two clowns on the cover. Third, Old School clothing? The Mind Squad tries to justify it on the editorial by saying “12+ years in the game” and “both Bow Wow and JD established many historical accomplishments in the Hip Hop game and have been slept on”      (sound of crickets)………..(more crickets)……… Once you read the accomplishments you realize the biggest accomplishments are: the movie Like Mike, I loved that movie, Kris Kross, and F*&$ing Janet Jackson. Let’s do the math 2009 minus 14 years is 1995. I think they should be wearing a bomber jacket, starter gear, or some dickies. One good thing about this issue, a three page article on Scarface.

Magazine Rating: 3.5/10

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