The Fever Magazine #3 : KRS-One Cover

First thing when you open it up is an ad for Poppa Doo – Da Saga Continues, almost forgot about that homeboy. Best advertisement is for BTNH’s Creepin On Ah Come Up with Eazy-E, never seen this one before. The Fever gives props to the Source for putting the first Source awards together, but then says that the show was whack!

Rating: 7.5/10


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  1. WOW…..I believe I have the first two issues somewhere in storage and will copy & send to you. As a 1st Generation Hip-Hop head and a lover of history – this is site is definitely on point as a labor of love. I feel truly blessed to have not only witnessed the birth of hip-hop BUT then have an opportunity to be an active participant in cultivating & nurturing its middle school growth. Keep up the great work.

  2. Props for running a dope website. I was one of editors for the Fever and I found your via google. I will see if i can can you a copy of every issue to post on your site.

    • rapmagazinearchive

      Thanks man, that would be great. That is one of my favorite all time magazines. It’s so street man. You can contact me through my website at or by email on the contact page of the website.

      • Thanks for this, there are a couple more mags your missing if i can ever find them will try to share them. Its really cool seeing my pop’s magazine somewhere other than at home or a family members house.

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