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King Magazine #29 : Kelis Cover

Very nice cover of Nas’ ex. The Game ad inside sporting those ugly Hurricane shoes, I’d rather have a butterfly tattoo on my cheek than sport those. Reader’s comment section has a small King Magazine with a girl named Toccara on the cover….. I’m gonna have to check that out. Funny section called King covers you’ll never see “Omarosa Unemployed and Unclothed”. After getting distracted by this issue I realized I had gone through it without a real mention of Hip-Hop, the closest you will get is that Game ad and a Fat Joe Boost Mobile ad.

Rating: 3.5/10

King Magazine #15 Christina Milian Cover

Yeah, some will argue this is not hip hop but there are a lot of hip hop related articles in here and sometimes they have artists on the covers and a huge amount of album ads. Hey Stephen A. Smith sighting back in ’04 talking about “power suits”. Mashonda showing some skin. Ok, so my case for putting King Magazine in here is weak, but if I’m correct, there will be better issues.

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