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Klub Magazine #1 May 1993 : Hieroglyphics Cover

Issue #1 with a cool cover of the Hieroglyphics crew like, Domino, Opio, and Del. Got a nice article inside and some more black and white photos. Not much more going on in this issue that captured my eye except for the entertaining Editor’s Perspective by The Angry Matthew J. Huron “Well, we finally did it. Yeah, we finally did it. Klub Magazine is here, and with a little luck, or should I say with a great product, we will be the best thing that happened to the Bay Area’s culture since the Rolling Stone emerged 25 years ago. You might think that’s a little bold, and you might think we’re a little arrogant for printing in the first issue that we’re a great product, but we are simply great. Let’s face it, we’re in the 90’s now, the 80’s were boring except for the birth of Hip-Hop, and it’s about time that Hip-Hop be brought out from under its stereotype and accepted as not only an art, but as a culture.”

Magazine Rating: 5.5/10

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