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Tha Yay Magazine #1 : Mac Dre Cover

This is probably Mac Dre’s best magazine cover and one of the hardest to get. Article inside of the life and times of Mac Dre. Top Unsigned Talent was: Kingston, D-Dubb, Big Rel, Young Squeeze, and MSC.

Rating: 9.0/10


Tha Yay Magazine #3 : Keith McGowan Cover

Ugly ass cover but you gotta love the underground feel of this magazine.  Best part of the mag is when D.J. Flirt calls out NorcalUnderground promotions for scamming and misrepresenting a show with Too Short and 2 Live Crew. Neither acts showed up and D.J. Flirt said the following “Who are these hoes and what were they getting paid for this show? I hope NorcalUnderground didn’t pay a lot for those mufflers” What’s a Muffler? Sounds funny. “I got out of there, and actually found a better show at a Karaoke bar! (no lie)”.

Rating: 4.5/10

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