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Word Up Magazine 1992 Cross Colours Advertisement

img629Early 90’s advertisement in Word Up Magazine but also seen in other classic hip hop magazines around that time. Alex Norca, Actor, Athlete, Model, sporting Clothing Without Prejudice. Stop-D Violence

The Source Magazine #35 : Too Short Cover

I think I just like the cover because Too Short’s on it, it’s not exactly well put together. The first two clothing ad’s catch my eye, Cross Colours with those funky bright colors, and yes, I had a bright green jacket. The second ad is for a clothing line called DMZ Safe Zone, it’s as close to porn as you can get without it being called that. One of my favorite group names and album name has to be Lil Bastards with the album Bitch Get A Job! Hip-Hop Quotable is Pete Rock – For Pete’s Sake. Unsigned Hype is not yet in the Source.

Rating: 8.0/10

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