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Elements Magazine Winter 1996 : Mobb Deep Cover

Small underground magazine with Mobb Deep on the cover. Articles on M.O.P. , Mobb Deep, and Jeru The Damaja. I love the Canadian UBC first page which says in fine print “Element’s had some personnel problems and someone got dissed. We had to beat down FreestyleCrazee because aside from his weak ass interview with Ghost and Cap, we found out he was tryin’ to sell elements mags out for like two bucks or something to a couple of stupid kids out in Surrey who thought it was the latest issue of Prop$. AND he was on some cock blockin’ shit tellin’ this girl about some shit that I had mistakenly let out regarding my extra curricular activities involvin’ my crew and…shit, almost did it again. Fuckin’ punk. So he got dissed.”

Rating: 9.0/10

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