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Rime Magazine #13 : The Game Cover

This is actually Hip Hop Magazines best kept secret title. Very pleasing to the eyes, in depth interviews, great selection of artists, and interesting subject matter. The eye candy and first round draft sections are mirrors of other magazines, but they hold their own. Labtekwon is the 1st round draft pick and he says his most famous battle was when he out dueled the entire Hieroglyphics crew in a freestyle battle. I need to do some research and see how true that is. Interesting article on how (A Tribe) Ali Shaheed Muhammed’s name has affected his career.

Rating: 8.0/10

Update* So I took to Twitter to find out the real story, and I wish I hadn’t. Nothing resolved. Here’s a sample of some of the Tweets.

Legacy Magazines@LegacyMagazines

2005 Review on my site about @labtekwon stating his freestyle victory over the @SOMHIERO ? Real Talk? @TajaiMassey


@LegacyMagazines @labtekwon @SOMHIERO LMAO. Served him and his crew. Made a guy quit rapping and go to college that night. Ask @CrazyLegsRSC


@TajaiMassey @LegacyMagazines @SOMHIERO i spit a freestyle and you were shook. u sat yo ass down and didnt rhyme again until the end. u lyin

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