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XXL Magazine #106 Young Jeezy Cover

img245Young Jeezy on the cover of XXL for the first time with the Puffy toothpick in his mouth. Akon’s Konvict clothing is making a big push in this issue, kind of ugly mixing skater checkers with Ed Hardy looking prints. Interesting list of words being censored on the radio: Lil Wayne Lolipop, Juicy, Lumps, Top, Bottom. Plies Bust It Baby Panties, Wet-Wet and G-Unit’s I Like the Way She Do It, Back into it, drop it low, and ass drop. Did XXL just waste a page on Paul Walls marriage to Crystal? Interesting article on the Hipster movement, if you are interested in the word Hipster as defined in Norman Mailers 1950’s essay “The White Negro” it’s a cool read, this article, not so much. XXL seems to be going through the motions with this issue.

Rating: 6/10

The Juice Magazine #2 : Big Meech Young Jeezy Cover 1 of 3

150+ pages deep with multiple covers of the same issue with “West Coast” “East Coast” editions and such. Interesting, they have a “on the scene” section with photos and article of music videos. One of my favorite old school artists is featured Phil the Agony and Tash also.

Rating: 8.0/10

Ozone Magazine #31 : Boyz N Da Hood & Ms Cherry

Man, this issue almost burned my eyes it’s so bright! They must use an extra glossy paper. Is it me or does Ms Cherry look like Babs from Diddy’s reality show? I love the trend of a digital belt buckles : Fully Programmable, Battery Included, and No CPU Needed. CD review by ADG gives Serious – Lord of Crunk CD “one blunt” out of 5. “This is an ugly CD, but even the packaging is better than the content.”

Rating: 8.0/10

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